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1. Lomo Wonderland
2. Instant Cafe Radio Episode 11
3. What If?
4. One (18-03-2002 / 12-04-2002)
5. Black Tulip Gallery
6. The Stare
7. Jill and the Magic Fable 3


Wonderland. For the surrealist.
Where things aren't quite
What they seem.

Eat me.

Lomo Wonderland

fFurious presents Lomo Wonderland:

"The wonderland promised by our forefathers is here: education, mass transport, cineplexes, food & video on demand, cheap designer drugs, branded goods for all ages. But don't you smell something funny? Are these smiles wrinkle-free, these tattoos removable? Pursuing happiness to its most customized packages, we are enslaving ourselves to a painless, genetically remastered Never Never Land. Is this what we are sacrificing all the partying for? In such a consumer dream mall, is there a corner for minority wonderlands? Our downtowns have become temples of shopping, our cities advertising posters; we are all living in a virtual wonderland! It's time to repossess our cities with the images in our minds."

the2ndrule remixes:

Original lomographs courtesy of the Lomographic Embassy, Singapore
fFurious vs the2ndrule

Lomographic Embassy, Singapore, presents Lomo Wonderland - an international travelling exhibition of mind-spinning lomographs that have toured Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo.

Six 7-metre-long multi-colour frescos ("lomowalls") constructed from photographic submissions form a 42m Wonderland Lomowall.
Catch it at the Esplanade, Singapore, from November 15 2002 to January 05 2003

Mix CDs of roughcuts 2 are available for sale at S$10 each. To order, check out http://www.attitude.per.sg or email music@attitude.per.sg
What If?

"Choose your damn t-shirt!"
Excellent t-shirts available at http://www.hookedclothings.com
One (18-03-2002 / 12-04-2002)

There is rain everywhere, she left without a single sentiment. It's impossible, he says, and hits the showers. Meanwhile, Marie waits. 18/03/2002 12:36 / She is leaving this thursday. Outside, scattered drizzle with a touch of frost. Naples, he says, engages him more. Another cigarette. Words. 18/03/2002 1328 / You're a fuckin' arse! 18/3/2002 2054 / You're a fuckin' arse, says the super substitute. I
had enough. To hell with him, him, him & him. Fuck you. I don't wnat to see u again. 19/3/2002 0127 / Maybe, just maybe. It's a simple question: what r u angry about? Here, here. Now, now. Like a punchin' bag. Try me. A relationship of equals. In New York. 19/3/2002 0132 / Naughty, naughty, she says. Stop being such a fuck-up, can you? I can't help it, he replied. And I'm not going to apologise. 19/3/2002 1308 / "Quand on deplie une chose elle s'ouvre sur elle-meme" 19/3/2002 1712 / "Ich bin jemand der die einzig wahre und wirkliche Geschichte ist. Ich bin die enzig wahre und wirkliche Geschichte von jemand." 19/3/2002 1811 / "Meaning is born out of the erosion of words, significations are born out of the erosion of signs."
19/3/2002 1816 / Don't go, he says. I can't. I have to. Outside, the rain continues. 21/3/2002 0031 / How many Biennales can u name? Send in a complete list to win a trip to Sao Paolo! 66 Endwell Road Brockley London SE4 2ND. Hint: Documenta is not one. 21/3/2002 0043 / THE END OF TRAVELLING (6 MILES UP IN THE SKY, WE SIT AND EAT AND WATCH AND WAIT) 21/3/2002 1304 / She says that she's fat but she's not. Not at all, absolutely not. No, no, no. No, no, no. He waits, it's chilly, isn't it? 21/3/2002 1902 / RELAX. TAKE IT EASY, I'M DISAPPEARING SOON. I'VE ONLY HEARD THE FIRST WORD OF YOUR VOICE MSG & ITS DELETED IMMEDIATELY. SO SAVE YOUR MONEY. I'LL VANISH SOON. 24/3/2002 1550 / CONSEQUENCE. THIS TIME THE ALARM AT THE BANK WENT OFF BEFORE THE ROBBER GOT OUT OF THE BANK WITH THE MONEY! 24/3/2002 1552 / I'd like to fuck, if you don't mind. No thanks, but you can pull my hair if you want. Leave my ears alone, though. 25/3/2002 0152 / But in this case, she says, I'm not your wife. The rain continues to fall. Don't go. Please, I know I sound pathetic. But don't go. 25/3/2002 1950 / Who do u think you r? he
asks. Tell me, with all things that u say. Go on, leave. See if I care. Ceaseless loops.Unnecessary situations. 25/3/2002 2213 / Haut, Riesig, Exil, Frei, Laufen. He sees himself die. 28/3/2002 1804 / "Time hurts. Snow falls from a grey sky, while a group of people waits for a bus that never comes." 4/4/2002 0102 / "If a lion could talk, we could not understand him." 4/4/2002 0106 / How was it with her last night? Did it last long? I suspect the both of u came at the same time. 4/4/2002 1230 / Spring is here n everyone is nearly naked on the streets. The laundry shop is packed n a wonderful scent of warm clothes permeates the space.4/4/2002 1354 / I miss u, he says over the telephone. There is an immense silence over the 1 minute n she replies, I don't believe u. I stopped months ago. I just can't. 4/4/2002 1354 / "So long as the realm of necessity remains a social dream, dreaming will remain a social necessity." 4/4/2002 2009 / He woke up n took his photographs off the wall. There is an unusual lightness in the air. Everything is going to be alright. 5/4/2002 0725 / I think I love u n I want to be w u always, he says. It's not possible. I'm not allowed. I'm sorry, she says as she puts an arm around him. 5/4/2002 2233 / He tells himself: it's wrong, it's all wrong. Too many ghosts in this relationship. I know too much n I am starting to hate myself. Maybe I should go. 6/4/2002 0355 / It's late now, can't we talk about this tomorrow? I need to sleep now. Outside, the rain has stopped. 11/4/2002 0533 / There was this couple who loved going to the movies. Every other evening, they would walk quietly to a cinema & catch a film. It didn't matter what they watched. They indulged in this quiet ritual without ever saying anything. Outside, the rain continues. 12/4/2002 2023 /
Matt Sho

Changing your surrounding environment such that your surroundings in turn stimulate you. That is the essence of creativity.
Dr. Paul Robertson

Black tulips?
The Stare

      Look. She was staring at me. Again! Just staring and staring. I dug my teeth into my nails, turning my mouth left and right to make sure I bit off the excess fresh neatly.
      The propellors of the only fan in the room had been moaning for as long as I remembered. I sunk my teeth deeper into the cuticles, my tongue licking at whatever dirt that was stuck between nail and cuticle. It was one of those things I could do so meticulously. Sometimes, one finger came up so close to my nose I could smell the chlorine bleach that got caught in between - so clinically fresh.
      I recalled her rising from the chair to switch off the lights and the fan. When she felt like it, she would cook. Once, we had a good laugh over her silliness when she had cooked everything except the rice. With tears in our eyes, our guffaws hovered over the grains sitting at the bottom of the pot soaked in stagnant water. She had forgotten to turn on the rice cooker.
      That was also the day when she developed the stare. While the echoes of our laughter were still ricoheting off the walls of the flat, her face had suddenly turned solemn. We were face to face at the dinner table seperated by the electricaI rice-cooker, two empty bowls, chopsticks, vegetables and fried fish on metal plates. I remembered querying her about the sudden mood change, she had merely replied with a stare so demanding, so provocative, I had to look away.
      I never asked her again.
      I had then turned on the rice cooker. While the rice was being cooked, I refrained myself from picking at the fish. I was told before that I had to wait.
      Her wrinkled hands were firmly clasping the handkerchief on her lap ever since. I thought her eyes might have shifted focus from me to the windows. I wondered whether she was thinking about the world beyond, which she should be. Otherwise she should be recalling the last time we left the apartment. We had just gone out a few days ago for a walk. It had brought colour back to her cheeks.
      The moment the button on the rice-cooker poped up, I spooned out my portion of the rice to eat. My stomach could not wait for her. The rice was wet, hot and stung my lips for a while. She just sat there in all that mood. Even after I had washed the dishes and put away the excess food, she was still in that mood.
      She did not cook after that, I had to rely on whatever that was left from that day. I did not know how to be angry at her. I know I used to hit her and bite her breasts, she had told me that she got stitches and it hurt. I used to hate it when she left me alone at home.
      Soon, the bottle of bleach would be empty. I had been pouring it at every corner of the apartment. It glistened over every nook of the cement floor and left behind clinical freshness. I was hoping she would notice how much I have tried to keep the place clean.
      Other than that, my mother would not tell me what to do although she stared at my every move. My stomach is hurting. I hope she gets up to cook soon, even the flies have been urging her to do so.
Valarie Tan

Living is as easy as breathing air.
Jill and the Magic Fable 3

Jill sometimes wonders if, when she closes her eyes and opens them again, she will find herself in a different world. She does, but nothing changes.

It disappoints her, somewhat. Buildings continue to fall, people continue to suffer at the hands of others. And no one quite has the answer why, how, or when it started.

Jill realises that the world she is hoping to see is the world she needs to create. And it can only happen if she creates it one day at a time.

She turns to the person next to her and says, "You have beautiful eyes."

Shannon Low



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