Mix n match - Seattle vs. DPM Lee Hsien Loong

"If I'm interested in the environment and you are and we are in a different part of America, without the Internet it will be very hard for us to mobilise and agitate. But with the Internet and with e-mail and news groups and chat rooms, you can be anywhere in the world but you can get together and organise something. Which is one reason why in Seattle there were such riots, because all these interest groups are now finding it much easier to organise and to assert themselves. And really, they're a minority, each one and even together in America, but vocal and very effective and they successfully intimidated the American government and the American Government decided they wouldn't settle so there was no deal in Seattle. So we have to watch out for that sort of politics.

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It will be very tragic if Singaporeans divide into many special interest groups and each one asserts their demands, clashing demands, and you're are unable to form a national consensus."

Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, BG Lee Hsien Loong

"IN CONVERSATION INTERVIEW WITH DPM LEE HSIEN LOONG", broadcast over Channel News Asia on 6 Jan 2000