Meet Fandi and Ken.

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Ken: To skate well, you have to conquer your fear and just go for it. Otherwise, if you let yourself be scared, you won't be able to do it. You must just go for it. I've been skating for one month now.

Fandi: I've been skating for three days. So we're newbies. We skate everyday. Just give us one more month, and we'll be able to do all kinds of cool tricks. I fell down and hurt my wrist yesterday, so I have to take it easy, try not to fall down so hard. But I still skate.

Ken: We skate here at skate park, Bishan, sometimes East Coast. But the best skaters are at City Hall. They skate street-style. On the street and on the pavement.

Fandi: But the police don't let us skate on the street. They say skating is vandalising, because you grind on the railings and curbs and all that.

Ken: Sometimes when the police come, we have to run away.