1. tell your friends

We rely heavily on word of mouth for spreading the word on our magazine. You can help. Just enter your friend's email addresses in the box below (one at a time!) and we'll send them the latest issue and add them to the list.

2. create

Send us your poems, short prose pieces, graphics, flash animations, movies, etc. etc. We don't promise to publish every one, but wouldn't you feel better that you've let it be seen by someone else?

Email us
:: zzzzzeditorzzzzzremovezzzzz@the2ndrule.com ::

3. set up your own site

It's really not too difficult to create your own email magazine. We want rivals. And we're giving you a head start (took us a while to figure this out ourselves):

Before you even start, think, think hard about what you want the focus of your magazine to be. What is your cause? What makes you bitch?

Once you've done that, get yourself an email address. A free one is even better. Try
:: www.hotmail.com ::
:: www.yahoo.com ::
(yahoo gives more space). There are a lot of other sites offering such services. Find them.

Next, clobber together as many email addresses of your friends as possible.

Then, put together an issue with your own writings and designs. You'll need to basically provide the seed for future issues in your virgin one, so take care to make the articles as tightly tied to your cause as possible.

Finally, send it out! Congratulations, you are now a publisher. Now you have to wait for the responses to come in, and that's when the fun really starts. Good luck!