1. How come the graphics and layout of the objects on screen are all messed up?

To view this site at its best, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or above (version 5.5 would be very nice). You also need to install the FLASH Player plug-in for your browser (see 2). Please also use a screen resolution of 1024x768 and at least 16K colours. For maximum viewing pleasure, maximise your window.

If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer on a screen resolution of 800x600, we recommend that you press [F11] for the full-screen mode. Alternatively, see 4 below.

A HTML 4.0- and CSS 1.0-compliant browser should also do the trick. The site currently does not work correctly on Netscape browsers though.

2. Why does the site sometimes request that I install FLASH?

Some articles and features on the2ndrule employ the Macromedia flash plug-in. To download this player plug-in for your browser for free, click :: here :: to access the Macromedia site.

3. I have all the above installed. How come the graphics are still not right?

A few possible reasons for this one.

  1. The servers (both yours and ours) might have stored a copy of the site on its (proxy) cache. It takes time for this information to be updated after every change that we make to the site proper. Other than repeatedly pressing the REFRESH button ([F5] on Microsoft IE) and hoping, the only way is to wait. Sometimes, the refresh is only done partially, so discrepancies (especially in the colours) will show up.

  2. The site is currently under a small revamp. As it takes time to bring the individual items up to date, please bear with the slight discrepancies.
If you feel that the problem is due to other reasons, feel free to email us with a description of your difficulties encountered. Email :: here ::

4. What do the 4 tiny buttons do?

This increases the size of the view area (i.e. the area in which you're actually reading this) by small steps.

This reduces the size of the view area (i.e. the area in which you're actually reading this) by small steps. The opposite of the above. You cannot reduce beyond the default size.

This opens up a new full screen window in which you can read the2ndrule more comfortably. You can click multiple times, but only one full screen window will be activated at any one time.

If you have activated the full screen window, this button will close it and return you to your previous browser. If you don't have a full screen window activated, this button will close your current t2r browser window.

If you don't understand any of this, just go ahead and try the buttons. Nothing bad will happen.

5. I like your magazine. How do I join or recommend it to someone?

Simply type in your (or your friend's) email address on the bottom of the screen, and hit the JOIN button. We'll take care of the rest. :)

6. You stole all the Javascript and graphics off some site, right?

All content you see here is original work by the author(s). That includes the code and Web graphics used on this site. If you wish to use or understand a particular working of this site, feel free to ask us. This includes takes on how to write a particular script, record your own songs, and even shoot and edit your own video. We'll try and get back to you on the more complicated things soon enough.

Try looking under :: HOMEWORK :: or :: COMMENTS :: first in the meantime. Someone else might already have had a related question explored there already.