When we started with the first issue of the2ndrule, we wanted to carry the Fight Club analogy as far as we could. Thus, we thought: "If Tyler Durden printed his own magazine, wouldn't he put adverts for his human fat soap in them?"

It was however hard to do any layout in the primitive text format we're using for email, so instead we left them as one-liners slotted in the spaces between articles. "Soap... it's good for you." At that time the handphone industry was really soarding, so we placed several Nokia-themed fillers as well. This theme, as well as the Fight Club references, quickly ran dry, but without truly planning it the fillers evolved into a repository of non-sequitors, in-jokes and hyperlinks to the buzz of the day.

What we buzz about, anyway.

So as an occasional service to our readers, we are going to post in this section some background information and explain some of our fillers. Note that nothing in here, like the fillers themselves, is meant to be accurate, used as the basis of any movement/religion, quoted in or out of context, uttered during sexual climax, etc. And we take no responsibility of anything that results from the content here.

Not publicly, at least.


- beng
Fillers for
Gandhi. Mahatma. Non-violent protest. Civil disobedience. Shameless repackaging
This refers to the Primal Scream concert in Singapore at Zouk, 20 Jan 2000. Read the "Happened" article in issue2.
Soap. It's good for you.
If Tyler Durden (see Fight Club) took out an ad, it'd be the one above.
Nokia customisable colour-changing human technology soap. Change the colour of your skin with one wash. Yeah, right.
We were always skeptical about the value of customisation for mobile phones. Sure, it really is cool that you can make your own ring tones and buy coloured covers, but was it worth that much hype?

All this is rather moot these days, of course, where customisation comes standard (irony intended) for all brands of phones.